Portland Families Forced To Sell Their Homes As Concerns Mount Over Homeless Camps

Housing market slides into recession...

The lobby groups for the big 4 anti-affordable housing interests have put over $25 million dollars into a couple of covert funds to try to influence State and Federal policy and HALT affordable housing plans. A huge part of their scheme has already been launched using mass-manipulation coordinated advocacy software.

Know the weapons of your enemy. Their mission is to kill and delay anything that helps manufactured homes and individual residence construction, at low prices, move forward.

Bluhomes was killed off this way, Factory OS is being delayed. Hundreds of thousands of low cost single family home projects are getting frozen.

IF YOU THINK THAT SOME HUGE GROUP OF CITIZENS ARE SAYING “NO” TO manufactured homes and individual residence construction, at low prices.. THEY ARE NOT!  The surge of “PUBLIC FEEDBACK” is just 6 guys in a South Of Market San Francisco warehouse using the following software packages.


These are the tools they are using:

Spoke: Spoke is a peer-to-peer texting platform for collaborative investigation with several forks under active development.

Pollaris, A polling location lookup tool modified to track bad guys. You can integrate this with your website and other tools. An API is provided.

Caucus App: A way to quickly calculate citizen and pro member evidence sets and report results from each investigator.

-Switchboard (FE and BE): This software takes new potential volunteers, or “hot leads,” from your online channels and assigns them to state or section-based based volunteer leads for personal follow up calls offering ways to get involved with the investigations. This is also a great tool for investiagtion team recruitment.

Automated organizing email: Your teams can work together to scale email outreach to the widest possible audience and bypass any cover-up.

Redhook: Investigations run on data, and redhook is a tool that makes data happen. As a system, Redhook ingests web hook data and delivers it to Redshift/Civis in near real time.

I90: This tool makes a long file name or hard to remember legal evidence document into a short, easy-to-remember, link. The CERN Database Open Source that you can build the biggest data systems on Earth on, for free. One of the collaborative development nets