The biggest, most self-centered, assholes of the Bay Area are centered around the dynastic rich families of Stanford University and their racist, mysoginist, bastard children at 2800 Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto, California. Their disease spreads out from there and taints everything it touches with holier-than-thou extremism.!

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Corrupt political families conspire to give government funds, contracts, tax waivers, buildings, stock market profits and other insider perks to themselves and their friends. They also conspire to blockade, harm, sabotage and black-list those who compete with them and their friends. These corrupt politicians are never prosecuted for their crimes, and can laugh in the face of those who point out their crimes, because they control the prosecution system. Their Quid Pro Quo criminal corruption is the single largest cause of the taxpayer hatred of Congress.

In a lawsuit overseen by a Supreme Court Justice: The Honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson, Plaintiffs won and proved that corruption exists in many government offices in a history-making federal court case in Washington, DC.

Hundreds of companies applied for a (rigged) government funding program. The government had enough money for every single one of the applicants to get funded to build their products. Only a handful of friends of a political boss actually got the funds, though; in order of which of those few gave the most political campaign financing to that political boss.

All of the associates of that political boss happened to be secret co-owners, and future employees of, that handful of insiders that got the money and forged their monopolistic companies in the fires of corruption. Some were even on the verge of bankruptcy and had no factory design…but they still got the cash based simply on Quid Pro Quo.

All of the OTHER applicants were competitors to that handful of friends-of-the political boss who had better, safer, lower cost, longer range, better debt-ratio, 100% domestically produced products….but the insiders couldn’t handle that kind of competition. The insiders had to CHEAT to Compete. The insiders violated RICO and Antitrust laws but were ‘protected’ by other insiders. The agency used the other applicants as a smoke screen. They were window dressing. The other applicants were defrauded and lied to about a government program that had already been ‘hard-wired’, in advance, exclusively to a few insiders. The other applicants never had a chance in hell of getting the funds unless they financed the political boss.

The lying scumbag PR agency officers repeated the scam propaganda line that the program was “so successful” over-and-over but it was still a lie. That agency had presided over the largest number of failed government projects in American history and the biggest taxpayer losses in American history. The whole project turned out to be a pump-and-dump stock market scam to provide unjust gains to a few political friends.

Fusion GPS, Black Cube, Gawker and Google were hired to attack any citizen or reporter that complained about the corruption.

A huge number of witnesses are happy to verify every fact in these assertions, in a live, public, televised Congressional hearing. Hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence, proving the assertions, are posted online and in Court records.

As of today, most of the corrupt government insiders have been fired, indicted, arrested, sued, re-hired by The White House and/or placed under permanent federal and news outlet investigation. The crooked politicians that created this scam have now transferred all of the technology to CHINA, so that no American, except the ultra rich, can ever even get to use the amazing U.S.-created technologies involved! America got screwed, crooked politicians got to hang out on “sex island, and the latest head of the agency was just indicted for pandering and insider trading, as usual!

How San Francisco Uses Sex To Build It’s Culture

San Francisco promotes itself as an “anything goes” sexual lifestyle city.

Modern colleges sell the idea that putting your tongue or penis is someone else’s butt hole is ‘more exciting because it is more socially forbidden’. Kids from college swarm to San Francisco because they are told that they can get all kinds of sex and drugs there. Kinky people have three times as much sex as traditional people. So the horn-dogs move to San Francisco. Valleywag producer: Nicholas Denton, who openly loves young boys, spent a decade documenting Bay Area sluttery.

Alas, focusing your life on sex and drugs is not a great career choice. This has left San Francisco with one of the largest homeless populations of any major city. Thousands of douche-bag, wannabe, hipsters infest the alleys and facade-like neighborhoods of the City that was founded by prostitutes and gangsters.

Each of the Mayor’s of San Francisco, for decades, has had scandal-after-scandal with hookers, sleeping with aides wives, screwing Harvey Weinstein, having sex with convicted bribery perps and other shenanigans.

All of these kids want homes in SF but none of them can afford homes in SF. In offset, they create dorm-like flop-house dives to live-in, infect each other with AIDS, Monkeypox and scabies and fall by the way side.

The Racist, Rapist, Partially Gay, Sociopaths Of The Bay Area Venture Capital Industry

By Alton S.

Their twisted parents came from generations of a closed-loop echo chamber of feigned superiority.

They were sent to Yale, Harvard and Stanford and steered into sick fraternity houses that encouraged ‘bromance’, blind devotion to cult-like behavior, date rape and Omerta codes of silence.

These sad pathetic men have had to build a glass bubble around Silicon Valley in order to exist in their delusions of grandeur and messianic narcissism. Their TED conferences, Y-Combinator, Burning Man events, tech ‘salons’, and sex cult events are simply facades designed to keep their fantasy view of their private perverted world intact. Only the douchebag-types are invited to these events in order to keep the Frat Boy blood-lines pure.

They practice mutually conspired market collusion, intern sex-tortion, prostitution, technology and patent theft, black-listing, rape, trophy and beard wife exchanges, money laundering, tax evasion, political bribery, search engine bias rigging, social exclusion, and worse.

The worst-of-the-worst of these scum comprise the staff of Greylock Capital Management; Battery Ventures; Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson; Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Andreessen Horowitz; New Enterprise Associates; Redpoint Ventures; GV – Google Ventures; Founders Circle; True Ventures; Norwest Venture Partners; Shasta Ventures; Index Ventures; Harrison Metal; Accel Partners; Sequoia Capital; SoftTech VC; Omidyar Partners and that crowd.

They all work together to push Nancy Pelosi and DNC agenda’s in exchange for government kick-backs and revolving door deals. They all rig their search engines and media platforms with the exact same bias and exclusionary talking points. They all are operated by sick bastards who love the anus, the dollar and power.

The most corrupt and perverted members of this club include Joe Lonsdale (charged rapist); John Doerr (charged with political bribery and sued for sexual abuse); Ray Lane (charged with epic tax evasion); Tom Perkins (charged with sex extortion); Gary Kremen (notorious SEX promoter); Vinod Khosla (charged with tax evasion, green scams and public beach corruption); Steve Westly (charged with operating the Cleantech crash corruption); Steve Spinner (creator of the Solyndra bribes); Dave McClure (charged with sex abuse); Steve Jurvetson (Charged with sex abuse and bribery); Ravi Kumar (Tesla Investments head murdered by his hookers); Rajeev Motwani (Google creator found dead in is Silicon Valley swimming pool); Forrest Hayes (Google executive murder by his hooker on his sex yacht); Eric Schmidt (Google boss sex addict); Dave Goldberg (Cheryl Sandberg Facebook husband killed ‘by treadmill’); Mike Goguen (sued for anal sex slavery); Micheal Moritz (noted anti-woman press comments)… in fact there are hundreds of names that can be listed here. Each of them a facially symmetrical, male, frat house sicko.

When you read the details of the “AngelGate VC Collusion Scandal”, you discover how these douche-bag Tesla-worshiping pricks sit around in secret meetings and collude to destroy ideas, founders, technologies and valuations for their own khaki pants wea