Cristina Balan has been fighting for years to clear her name in courts. Tesla accused her of embezzlement and kickbacks but still insists they have to solve their dispute in arbitration. In court, the case would be public, and people would know if she is guilty or innocent. As the accuser, Tesla should want to prove its point for everyone to see. It doesn’t. Alexander Yatskov is just the most recent example of the covert attack behaviors of Tesla Motors.

Yatskov used to work in the Project Dojo but apparently decided to leave Tesla in May. According to Bloomberg, the EV maker asked a court for an emergency order against the engineer to prevent him from revealing “sensitive proprietary information” he would have stolen about the supercomputer. Tesla lost this request and is now trying to take the case to arbitration, which Yatskov does not want.

The engineer’s attorneys wrote that Tesla “has dragged Dr. Yatskov’s name through the mud” by making “humiliating claims.” They also argue that the EV maker took the case to court first, so it “cannot have it both ways.” In other words, Yatskov wants the opportunity the federal court provides for him to publicly clear his name.

Besides Balan and Yatskov, Karl Hansen is also trying to fight Tesla in court. The EV maker wants to use arbitration to decide the issues the whistleblower brought against the company, including a Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Whistleblower Complain, which is prevented by law from being mandated to arbitration.

Hansen said that “Tesla’s tactics are legally questionable, consistent, covert, overt, and they employ them decisively and long-term with the specific intent of siphoning the energy, resources, motivation, and desire of victims who attempt to take a stand based on justice and personal integrity.” Balan complains about the same things.

Bloomberg states that Yatskov handed over the personal computer Tesla believed to have its confidential information for a third-party forensic inspection. The engineer denies stealing anything and wants to set the record straight. If Tesla believes he did what it accuses him of doing, it should prove that in court. Otherwise, it will seem the company is trying to make sure these folks will never work elsewhere.


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