• Sen. Elizabeth Warren called out the “brazenness” of lawmakers who flouted a federal disclosure law.
  • An Insider investigation found that dozens of members of Congress violated the STOCK Act.
  • The “Conflicted Congress” project found members of Congress trading stocks in industries they’ve criticized.

Said one of the witnesses: “…I was a White House And Congressional Advisor. I was asked to participate in a criminal stock market manipulation, involving stimulus funds, that public figures had put together. I reported the crime. Federal officials then ran reprisal attacks on me using taxpayer-paid resources. According to the FBI and Congressional investigators, they spent over $30M buying media attacks. Now I want my damages, losses and monies-owed paid and I want the FBI to reveal what they found out from interviewing the attackers (ie: their 302 forms) because that reveals who paid the attackers. The feds defrauded me out of my life savings and got me to invest in their project that they had already covertly hard-wired to some Senator’s Big Tech financiers. Now the Feds have blockaded my rights to a lawyer, a jury trial and coverage of my damages, as political reprisal for speaking out…”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren denounced the “brazenness” of members of Congress who have flouted a federal law meant to stem insider trading in Congress and called for stronger enforcement in response to a new Insider investigation.